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 This program was presented by the Dayton Bar Association.

The use of social media has become a prevalent and integral part of everyday life, including both the personal and professional lives of attorneys. While most are familiar with social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the intent of this year’s Diversity Day program is to discuss the use of social media in the context of diversity. The focus of this year’s Diversity Day is twofold. First, the presenters will describe how lawyers can use the latest social media outlets to diversify their current client base. The presenters will also discuss how social media can not only provide, but also increase, access to the legal system for diverse populations.

Seminar Information
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Seminar Date:
April 17, 2015
Expiration Date:
December 31, 2017 8:43 PM
Increasing Diversity & Access in the Digital Age
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Thaddeus Hoffmeister  [ view bio ]
Legal Technology and How it Can Advance Diversity Issues
Speaker Information
Chad Burton Esq.  [ view bio ]
Diversity and Social Media Ethics
Speaker Information
Glen McMurry, Esq.  [ view bio ]
Michael J. Zussman, Esq.   [ view bio ]
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Ohio Supreme Court
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